Notes in the Life and Career of Gerrie Collins


Help Us Track Donations

If you would like to support the Gerrie Collins Endowed Piano Scholarship at MSU, first of all, thank you so much!

Second, help us keep track of the donations so that we can regularly update the progress. For compelling reasons, I elected not to coordinate this effort through a crowd-funding platform. So all donations should be made directly to the MSU Foundation, either at their website or via their PDF form, which you can print and mail in with a check the good old-fashioned way.

However that means I will only get periodic updates of the actual (as opposed to pledged or intended) donations to share here. So it would be tremendously helpful if you would update the appropriate fields in your 88 Keys account to reflect any contributions you make. Just click on the “Edit Profile” button to the left of the panel, then open the accordion to “The Gerrie Connection.” That’s it!

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Want to Honor Dr. Collins?

To support the Gerrie Collins Endowed Piano Scholarship, visit the Mississippi State University Foundation giving page, and use the search box to quickly locate the fund. Alternatively, you can print and fill out the pdf form, specifying the fund name on the appropriate lines, and mail it to the Foundation with a check.

Thank you so much for your help!