Notes in the Life and Career of Gerrie Collins


A Message from Gerrie's Niece

Back in late 2019, I began plans for what I hoped would be a very special surprise party to commemorate Gerrie’s 88th birthday the following October. Some of you may even recall the Christmas card announcing the event, which urged recipients to check this website in the coming year for details.

A month or so later, a little thing called “COVID” happened. And . . . well . . . that was that.

So is launching three years “late,” but it retains its original “88 Keys” title as well as the core of its original purpose: to celebrate Gerrie’s life and career and to serve as an information hub for a grand party in her honor. Except that the party will now be a memorial service, and she won’t be attending (at least not in person.:-))

So please check back in the coming weeks for updated information relating to the service and to the Gerrie Collins Endowed Piano Scholarship being established at MSU.

All the Best,


Latest News

Thanksgiving Scholarship Funding Update

As of 11/22/23, we’ve raised $22,250, leaving only $2,750 to go to reach the full endowment minimum. I mailed written thank you notes to all donors earlier this week, but let me take advantage of Thanksgiving weekend to reiterate how very grateful I am for the tremendous generosity that has put us within 11% of our goal within a few short months.

The MSU Foundation recently revamped their giving page and have added the Gerrie Collins Endowed Piano Scholarship to the roster of selectable funds, making it easier than ever for those who’ve been meaning to donate to do so. Simply follow this link and input some combination of keywords in the search bar (e.g., gerrie, collins, piano), then select the appropriate fund from the results list. Alternatively, you can download the pdf form here and mail in a good, old-fashioned check.

I’m hopeful that–as more of Gerrie’s former students, friends, and colleagues find their way to this site in the coming weeks–we can make another significant advance toward full funding. And then there’s always Santa.:-)

Thanks again for your support!

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Want to Honor Dr. Collins?

To support the Gerrie Collins Endowed Piano Scholarship, visit the Mississippi State University Foundation giving page, and use the search box to quickly locate the fund. Alternatively, you can print and fill out the pdf form, specifying the fund name on the appropriate lines, and mail it to the Foundation with a check.

Thank you so much for your help!